Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Cultural appropriation nonsense at Halloween (2)

Hilary Duff is apologising for her and her boyfriend’s costumes of a pilgrim and Native American, respectively, which she now understands “offended” many people. After photos emerged of Duff as a scantily-clad pilgrim and her new man wearing a Native American headdress and face paint, social media exploded with comments condemning the couple for their insensitivity and offensive cultural appropriation. Duff says she truly “sorry” from the bottom of her heart.

On Friday, the actress and Jason Walsh attended a Casamigos tequila-sponsored Halloween party in Beverly Hills, and by Saturday she and her new boyfriend trainer were getting slammed on Twitter. In addition to being called “racist,” many people noted that wearing a traditional Native American headdress is “not a costume,” and that the couple’s outfits showed how “ignorant” they are.

On Sunday, the former Disney star realised the errors of her ways and apologised. Duff wrote on Twitter, “I am SO sorry to people I offended with my costume. It was not properly thought through and I am truly, from the bottom of my [heart emoji] sorry.”



Bird of Paradise said...

Why should anyone be forced to appoligise just becuase a bunch of sniveling whining little snowflakes were upset by the costumes they wore for halloween this PC nonsense is getting quite out of hand

Anonymous said...

The absurdity is calling "cultural appropriation" for a mini skirted puritan. "Native Americans" have appropriated each others culture for the last thousand years but we are now to believe that it is all sacred? True hogwash, about as true as the land the pipeline is going through in North Dakota is "ancestral". The souix kept moving because they trashed the area around their camps and killed all the game so they had to move on to a new location.


Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberals are ruining everything with their stupid PC poppycock bull twaddle

Anonymous said...

People should not apologise to leftists for such things. And neither should people apologise to minority groups whom leftists use as agents by convincing them that they should be offended at things.

Apologising to leftists only encourages them to act offended over even more things and try to get even more apologies out of people. They do not genuinely appreciate the apologies anyway. It is the power and control over others that they like. They love making other people comply with them and to feel guilt if they don't.

Good strong people don't get offended, and don't kowtow to those who do get offended, because getting offended is not a virtue, its a weakness. And good people encourage others to be strong, not to be weak.

Getting offended is also manipulation of others. It is the oldest trick in the book for manipulating good but naïve or weak people who don't want to offend.

Goodness needs strength, or it easily gets manipulated by evil.