Friday, November 25, 2016

Must not disapprove of Hillary Clinton

A Florida shopping mall has formally apologized to a family and placed its Santa in “counseling” after the man jokingly told a little girl Hillary Clinton was on his “naughty list.”

The man, who has not been named, was working as a mall Santa at the Seminole Towne Center in Sanford, Florida.

After a 10-year-old girl told him what she wanted for Christmas, the Santa informed her she was on his “nice list.”

“Do you know who is on my naughty list? Hillary Clinton,” he then allegedly said.

The girl’s mother complained to mall officials.



Anonymous said...

Once again Political Correctness run amok !

Bird of Paradise said...

A realy big lump of coal in the stocking of the PC idiots

Anonymous said...

This is not "political correctness" or anything other than a poor joke.

The 10 year old girl doesn't see Santa as a political commentator. She sees him as the jolly ol' man with reindeer and sleds and toys and cookies and milk and oh yeah, presents.

There was no reason for this guy to interject politics into the conversation. None. Perhaps the joke would have been appropriate at an office party with adults but at a mall with kids?

No. No way.

There is a time and place for everything and this joke was made in neither the appropriate time or place.

Let kids be kids.

ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N said...

Agreed that Santa shouldn't have voiced a political opinion to a kid that likely has no clue, ditto shame on Leftard parents doing the same and making their kids panic over criminal Hitlery's loss, as many have.

Also shame on the mother for having a Leftard PC brainfart as if Santa just swore at her child.

I wonder what sort of counselling (brainwashing) would cure Santa of this anyway.

Maybe the mother should go into "counselling" for lying to her child that Santa is a real thing. besides, I also wonder if the kid's been taught reciprocation regards gift-giving.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Hillary has a face that would stop a clock they better bar her from London

Anonymous said...


There is no indication from any source that the mother had a "Leftard PC brainfart."

She seems to have taken her concerns to the mall management in a respectful, professional manner.

I have no issues with the way the mother handled this at all.